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Powered by our Proof-of-Performance (PoP) protocol, our platform is revolutionizing fantasy sports by putting the power back into the hands of the community.

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Download the app, create an account, stake your athletes and earn points that qualify for our upcoming $PROS airdrop.


Pick over/under on 2-6 player stats.
Payouts on ProspectPicks can be as high as 25X.


The first “Head-to-Head” or “H2H” competition on the blockchain. Challenge your friends and strangers.

Prospect Data Oracle

Immutable and definitive on-chain source for all sports data.

ProspectAI Prediction Model

Data crowdsourcing platform to build the world’s first sports gaming AI prediction model.

Stake Athlete NFTs

As your athlete performs, you can earn points based on their performance.

Our Investors

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