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Blockchain Related

What blockchain are you developing on?

Ethereum & Polygon blockchains, please refer to the whitepaper for specific token standards.

Can we move the Athlete NFTs and $PROS into our own wallet?

Yes, given it is built on top of the Ethereum & Polygon blockchains, you will be able to move Athlete NFTs and Prospect Tokens into your own third party wallet. However, you will be responsible for paying the associated gas fees.

Are there gas fees if we transact within the Prospect platform?

Correct there are no gas fees associated with transactions within the Prospect platform.

Will you be able to swap your Athlete NFTs and Prospect Tokens into other cryptocurrencies, if so, what is the price?

Yes, you will be able to swap your $PROS on a decentralized exchange, currently we are testing QuickSwap. The price of $PROS is dependent on the price discovery of markets. Athlete NFTs can be bought or sold through third party marketplaces such as OpenSea or the Prospect Marketplace.

How do you exchange $PROS into fiat?

Through the use of a decentralized exchange like QuickSwap, you can swap into other cryptocurrencies and eventually convert into fiat via a centralized exchange like Coinbase. Prospect has no plans to directly support the conversion of $PROS into fiat, this will be done through third party services.

Will Prospect’s Athlete NFTs be able to be sold on OpenSea and other NFT selling platforms?

Yes, as long as they support the ERC-1155 token standard


Project Related

What platform is the project going to be launched on?

Mobile iOS and eventually Android

How does mining actually work? What is the payout model?

At a high level, we convert an athlete’s in-game performance into energy - which is then used to mine $PROS. Please refer to the whitepaper for more details

What are the use cases of $PROS?

At a high level, there are four use cases:

  • You can use $PROS to purchase Athlete NFTs on the Prospect Marketplace
  • You can stake $PROS to open additional roster spots
  • You can use $PROS to purchase NFT augmentations and other services
  • You can use $PROS for future sports gaming offerings

Please refer to the whitepaper for more details

Are you interested in expanding into head to head, metaverse or other gaming mechanism?

The long-term plan is for Prospect to expand its product offerings to include sports gaming and head-to-head. Prospect is focused on providing the most compelling and engaging user experience.

Which sports will you be supporting?

Prospect will launch with Basketball with plans to launch additional sports in the future (Football, Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, Golf, etc.)