About Prospect

Prospect is a mobile-first Decentralized Fantasy Sports (DeFS) application that enables users to purchase Athlete NFTs that earn Prospect Tokens ($PROS) based on their real-life in-game performance. Rewards are calculated and distributed via Prospect’s proprietary “Proof-of-Performance” (PoP) algorithm. Prospect’s “Play-to-Earn” (P2E) gaming platform is built on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains.

Our vision

We believe in a world where an athlete’s success, and a fan’s expression of support are deeply interconnected. Athlete performance directly translates to rewards for their fans. Fans have a vested interest, and an emotional attachment to an athlete’s success.

Our story

Prospect was founded in 2020 with the goal of enabling sports fans to gain exposure to the underlying performance and ultimately the success of an athlete. If sports fans want to share in the success of athletes today, their only options are to purchase collectibles such as trading cards, sports memorabilia and NFTs. The value of these collectables are subjective, volatile and disconnected from the underlying performance of an athlete. Prospect aims to provide sports fans the ability to gain exposure to the real-life in-game performance of these athletes through its Decentralized Fantasy Sports (DeFS) application that distributes cryptocurrency rewards based on Prospect’s proprietary Proof-of-Performance (PoP) protocol. This enables sports fans to share in the fundamental value of an athlete, their performance.

Our team

James Zhan

Co-Founder & CEO
Golf and Basketball

James is a Product & Engineering executive with +10 years of experience, he’s worked on several leading projects including the launch of the first BTC investing platform backed by a Big 5 bank in Canada for Mogo Financial (NASDAQ: MOGO).

Johnny Chen

Co-Founder, Director
Basketball, Football and Tennis

Johnny is a Finance professional with +7 years of capital markets experience and has worked at several leading global investment banks. Johnny is a Professional Engineer (P.Eng) and a CFA charterholder.

Patrick Barrington

Co-Founder, Director
Cycling and Swimming

Patrick is a FinTech executive with +10 years of experience at several leading start-ups in Vancouver and San Francisco. Patrick has built and scaled teams from Seed, Series A, Series B and onwards.

Nic Fung

Marketing Lead

Nic is an engineer with over +10 years of experience in design and project management. He has been involved in the crypto space since 2016.

Alex Pham

Community Manager
Boxing and MMA

Alex is a Sales & Marketing professional with +4 years of experience. Alex is actively involved in the crypto community having launched his own token and NFT collection.

Stu Wallace

Discord Manager
Snowboarding and Golf

Stu is an Entrepreneur with +5 years of experience. Stu is a crypto enthusiast who has managed and launched his own NFT project.

Our advisors

Filipe Lima de Souza

Figure Skating

Filipe is a Technology professional with +20 years of experience, he worked at several leading social media, crypto and fintech firms. Filipe worked with James to launch the first BTC investing platform backed by a Big 5 bank in Canada for Mogo Financial (NASDAQ: MOGO).

Qingcheng Wang


Dr. QC Wang is a Machine Learning scientist who is currently the Head of Data Science at Turing.com. QC is an Assistant Professor of Analytics (on leave) at the University of Hong Kong, his research focused on the development of AI solutions for solving complex business problems within fintech, adtech, e-commerce, logistics and pricing.

Sacha Beharie

Surfing and Skiing

Sacha is a Finance executive with +15 years of capital markets experience and has worked at several leading global investment banks. Sacha has a deep understanding of managing risk having led one of the top institutional equity trading desks in Asia.

Daisuke Hattori

Basketball and Tennis

Daisuke is a Marketing & Product professional with +15 years of experience. He’s held multiple senior roles including serving as the CEO for Bushiroad International in Singapore, a company focused on distributing trading card games and publishing mobile games. He was previously the SVP of Production & Marketing at Bandai Namco.

Jazon Metz


Jason is a Growth & Marketing Strategist with +20 years of experience, having worked with some of the world's leading global brands. As a Web3 consultant, Jason has been focused on bringing mainstream brands into the metaverse, developing go-to-market strategies, driving partnerships and collaborations, unlocking millions of dollars in investment and providing strategic support to some of the most popular and profitable brands, organisations, athletes and celebrities on the blockchain.

Our partners


With a strong focus on community, partnerships, and tailored expansion, we are building a feature-rich platform that you won't want to miss.

Last updated: August 03, 2022



Founding of the the Prospect team.


Idea Conceptualised

Decentralized Fantasy Sports (DeFS)


User-Testing and Game Simulation

Product Conceptualised


Blockchain Architecture

Polygon & Ethereum

Mobile Architecture

Mobile-First Experience


Product Design Concepts

Official launch of the Prospect website.


Download Whitepaper


Angel Financing


Discord, Instagram, Twitter, and more.


Mobile iOS APP

Referral System






MOBILE ios v2.0

mobile android v1.0


$pros token launch

native web experience

launch of multi-sport (nfl, nhl, golf)

play to earn tournaments

social experiences

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