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Prospect is a mobile-first Decentralized Fantasy Sports (DeFS) application that enables users to purchase Athlete NFTs that earn Prospect Tokens ($PROS) based on their real-life in-game performance. Rewards are calculated and distributed via Prospect’s proprietary “Proof-of-Performance” (PoP) algorithm. Prospect’s “Play-to-Earn” (P2E) gaming platform is built on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains.




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March 18, 2023

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NBA Common Pack

Each pack contains three Athlete NFTs from the Top 200 players in the NBA. There are a total of six rarity tiers (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare, Epic and Legendary).


0.1 ETH

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Prospect is continuously building and updating its product and functionality, some features will be rolled out as they are developed and tested. Features such as the ability to transfer your NFTs to your own wallet or the ability to swap $PROS into other cryptocurrencies such as $MATIC will be launched as per our roadmap. For specific questions regarding products and features, please join our Discord and ask our team directly. We appreciate your support.

Athlete NFT Tokenomics

Prospect Sports has minted Athlete NFTs for the Top 200 players in the NBA. Rarities and probabilities are based on past and projected performance. A full list of all the players is linked below.
View Athlete NFT Rarity Tiers and Probabilities